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Have you ever wondered what’s driving your retail performance, and truly understood why?

ToolBox works with retailers and manufacturers who currently have challenges with their business process and struggle to get to the right answer quickly. They understand that if they could identify an opportunity or threat more rapidly, they would know their consumer better, and improve business performance.

What makes ToolBox unique, is by combining proven business process and intelligent, actionable, role-based insights – built by retail industry leaders. This empowers our customers with the knowledge required to get to the ‘why’, focus on what matters most to them, and helps them win at retail.

What Our Clients Say

“From a commercialization standpoint, it has obviously made it much easier and efficient for us to provide data to vendors. A big value add for vendors has also been the inventory which they have been asking for many years. ”

“Thanks for the feedback. We are also getting very positive feedback from suppliers. Thanks for all your efforts in this area as I strongly feel that the training is the key to the tools success with our supplier community. We are off to a great start! Keep up the good work. ”

“By truly working collaboratively, we can have a productive dialogue to help pin point our most compelling opportunities on items, pricing, promotions, and understanding our customers. ”

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