Category Services

Category Reviews

Category Reviews

  • Identify opportunities for growth while highlighting areas for improvement
  • Complete evaluations on your categories’ performance
  • Presentation-ready insights that tell the story and explain the impact
Store Assortment Optimization

Assortment Analysis

  • Industry leading velocity grouping methodology ensures best assortment
  • Integrating multiple data sources for instant view of productivity and necessity of each item
Consumer Loyalty Innovation

Loyalty Analytics

  • How consumers cross-shop
  • Trial and repeat on new innovations
  • Deep dive to your consumers’ basket and shopping habits

Category Management Consulting and Reporting

    Category Management Consulting

  • Review organizational structure, process, and technology
  • Automated insights and callouts for identification of opportunities
Product Promotional Reviews and Scorecard

Promotional Reviews

  • Identify your most effective promotion to better evaluate for future promotions
  • Scorecard reporting across accounts and key metrics
Managing Seasonal Inventory

Seasonal Reviews

  • Identify performance in season, and post-game analysis
  • Manage your inventory to reduce mark-downs