Promotional Evaluations

ToolBox Solutions can help you assess the success of your event with a Promotional Evaluation Analysis that will identify the effectiveness of your program. We provide the pre, promo and post-game analysis that outlines the incremental sales generated by the promotion and which promo factors such as pricing, display or coop support contributed to these sales. ToolBox will generate and deliver insights that will help you drive success to all future promotions.

Manufacturer Promotional Evaluation

Promotional Tracker – Understand incremental sales generated by the promotions which promo factors (pricing, display, coop support) contributed to sales.

Harry Potter or Transformers?

What if I had promotions for both of these movies and there’s another sequel on the way. How do I know which one of these movies to promote my brand with? Let ToolBox Solutions help you determine which promotions drove the greatest lift and generated the largest incremental volume. Get a clear understanding of which promotions were well executed and at which accounts. Also determine the incremental performance by brand and corporate level. Quantify the dollar opportunity of reaching target Display levels. Is cannibalization keeping you up at night (and we’re not referring to Silence of the Lambs)? Well, we have an answer for that too. All you need to do is sign up for our Promotional Evaluation Analysis.

What’s in it for you?
  • Identify which types of promotion are the most effective and evaluate for future execution.
  • Scorecard reporting across accounts and key metrics.
  • Don’t have baseline volume? we can calculate it.
  • Integrate Ad data to evaluate the results of this promo support.
Promotional evaluation analysis – what do we do?

Let us answer the questions you have to determining the success of your promotion. Obtain expert advice and recommendations and get ready for your next big event.