Retail Sales Force App

Perform and regulate your store audits and sales force through a web interface that is accessible 24/7 and has iPad compatibility. Record information such as store visits, deliveries, promotions and competitive products. Build client contact information based on territories and personalize relationships with customers by storing customer related notes by visit locations. Plan follow-ups and facilitate future visits.

Retail Sales Force App
Manage and automate customer relationship at store level

With organizations expanding nationally and some growing globally, that task of managing the relationship at the store level is becoming undoubtedly more challenging. Moreover with the increasing assortment of products retailers are putting more responsibility on the vendors to manage the shelf inventory, placement, promotions and pricing of their own products. Companies now rely more on their field sales force to ensure that their brands lead the shelves and are readily available to the consumers. There is more pressure on field sales representative to effectively execute promotions at ground level to increase sales and maximize return on investment. Within this competitive market, providing the right tool for the sales team to manage the customer relationship creates a winning edge to becoming a leader in the marketplace.

What’s in it for you?
  • Provide better customer service.
  • Increase customer revenues.
  • Discover new customers.
  • Cross sell or up sell product more effectively.
  • Simplify marketing and sales processes.
ToolBox CRM solution gives you that edge

The CRM designed and built by Toolbox Solutions leverages the power of technology to plan and facilitate customer visits by the sales team. Sales Representatives can prospect new customers, follow-up on recent clients and maximize their relationship with their existing client base, all with the intention of growing sales and increasing profitability. Automate your Sales Force and become the leader in the market.