Seasonal Sales Analysis

ToolBox Solutions creates Seasonal Sales Analysis presentations that offers highlights of the season and makes recommendations for the next year. Each presentation evaluates the category performance and clearly defines the opportunities which will allow you to make fact based decisions in preparation for the next season. We generate and deliver the insights immediately to you so there is no delay when the post mortem data is released.

Seasonal Evaluations

Post mortem Seasonal Sales presentations that evaluate Category performance and define the opportunities for next season.

Seasonal Inventory and Sales Analysis
Dear Santa, this Christmas I would like +5% growth

But why are my sales in decline while the category is growing? Where is the volume shifting to, other markets or other channels? If a 3 year trend is showing a decline in volume, does that mean kids are eating less candy or does it mean that moms are shopping somewhere else or maybe for something else? Is Innovation the answer or is it as simple as improving distribution during the pre-season? How do you plan for the next season while learning from the past season? If ask these questions, our Seasonal Sales Analysis solution has all the answers.

What’s in it for you?
  • Gain insights into post season sales without doing the data gathering and analysis yourself – ROI is the immediate savings on your time.
  • Presentations delivered fast! Quick turnaround after receipt of data.
  • Performance is compared across various regions, channels, banners and will easily identify what drove the growth or declines.
“Trick or Treat”, “Merry Christmas” or “Light the BBQ!” What’s YOUR Season?

Let us answer the questions you have with seasonal data with our Seasonal Post Mortem Sales Analysis solution. Obtain expert advice and recommendations from one of our Seasonal experts and be ready the next time Santa comes calling!