Shopper Interaction

Understanding how consumers decide what to purchase is an elusive but critical part of category management. Thankfully, ToolBox Solutions has the expertise to help. By analyzing consumer-centric data such as loyalty, transactional and panel data ToolBox can help you understand the factors that drive shoppers to switch between products, brands and label types. This knowledge can help you create better planograms, pricing and assortment strategies.

Know your customer!

We analyze consumer-centric data to help you understand what drives shoppers to switch products, brands and labels. This helps you create better planograms, pricing and assortment strategies.

Loyalty and Shopper interaction
Getting inside your consumer’s head

How do my shoppers choose between like products? Will my new pricing strategy drive incremental volume? Will a new upsized offering safeguard my products from competitors, or will I only cannibalize future consumption? These are some of the questions that traditional POS and syndicated reporting cannot answer on their own. ToolBox’s expertise in leveraging transactional and loyalty data sources allows us to answer these questions and help you interpret your consumer’s actions and purchase.

What’s in it for you?
  • Leverage and understand the key factors that drive consumer purchase behaviour.
  • Create long and short term pricing, merchandising and assortment strategies to drive growth.
  • Build better relationships with retailers by providing operational insights on consumers.
The next step in understanding your shoppers

By analyzing loyalty and transactional data ToolBox Solutions can track the long term purchasing patterns of individual users. By aggregating this data and overlaying sales data you will be able to definitively determine what factors drive consumer purchase behavior, as well as being able to quantify their effects on your bottom line. Get in touch with us in order to better understand consumer behaviour.