ToolBox Advantage

ToolBox Advantage™ is a web-based, data analytics, reporting platform for category management professionals, executives and sales managers. The reports are insight-driven and presentation-ready, allowing users to focus on using the data rather than reporting on it. ToolBox Advantage™ focuses on bringing opportunities to improve category performance to the forefront and it runs on both syndicated market data and retailer point-of-sale data. Account reviews and business update presentations can be created in less than a minute using ToolBox Advantage™ Presentation Builder. This tool will revolutionize category management in your organization.

Reports on Demand

Web-based reporting platform for Category Management professionals. This insight-driven tool will improve your category performance

Category Management Software

“ToolBox Advantage™ delivers the best category management reporting platform in the world”

Pulling data for a category review can be painstaking. Once you have the data, you spend almost as much time making charts and putting a presentation together. Often category buyers want these business updates turned around fast, as if you only have one category buyer to present to. You’d love to dive deeper into the critical issues driving category performance, but there just isn’t the time. Enter ToolBox Advantage™ which sets the new standard for category management reporting and automated presentations.

What’s in it for you?
  • Powerful presentation building technology to create meaningful presentations in minutes.
  • Track market performance with best in class, dynamic scorecards.
  • Insightful, issue-based reports that answer key category management questions and highlight opportunities almost effortlessly.
  • Fast and intuitive reporting accessible anywhere from the web with zero IT footprint.
  • Make the most out of your investment in syndicated and point-of-sale data, both category advisor and vendor only data releases.