1screen POS Solutions / Vendor Data Release

Vendor collaboration for retailers is more popular than ever before. With appropriate collaboration, using data analytics, vendors can work with your category managers to help build programs that drive sales and profitability. Our service provides vendors with standardized reporting that all retailers want them to have. These reports will help you paint a vivid picture of the expectations you have from the vendor community. A win/win for retailers and vendors.

Data at your fingertips!

Our Vendor Data Release service provides vendors with standardized reporting. These reports will help paint a vivid picture of the expectations you should have from your vendors.
Ten reports that will drive improved business results
The ToolBox Solutions Vendor Data Release program provides the vendor community, and your category teams with 10 different reports, all of which provide insight for your business. Were the promotions effective? Do you have the right assortment? How are your skus rank? How is the vendor performing versus last year or his competitors? Are the stores executing the planograms? Is your pricing in line with the rest of the market? Best of all, between vendor and category manager there is only ‘one version of the truth’, one set of reports that we present in a clear, and easy to understand manner.
What’s in it for you?
  • Not just data points. True, actionable insight into business performance.
  • Retailer prescribed reporting. You only release the data you want to release.
  • Cost of program completely offset by vendor subscription fee. $0 cost for retailers.
  • One set of truths for category manager and vendor. No more data interpretation discrepancies.
  • All reports are flexible to regions, timeframes, and category structures.
  • All reports include colour graphics, as well as data charts, and are easily exported to Excel and PowerPoint.
Vendor data release with insights
Simply provide ToolBox Solutions a flat file of data once a week or once a day. Overnight we will have an updated web based interface that is very intuitive and easy to operate for anyone. We are a Microsoft Certified partner, we handle all QA and QC requirements, and we boast security applications second to none. Satisfy your wish to have relevant and actionable information in the hands of your category teams and vendors to collaborate and drive better results.