Assortment Optimization

Our assortment optimization solutions are backed by our industry leading velocity grouping methodology, taking a comprehensive approach to assortment analysis, analyzing a number of factors within your product range. ToolBox Solutions integrates your POS data, customer data (if available) and basket data (if available) at every store cluster level to provide you an instant view of the productivity and the necessity of each item in your assortment.

Optimize your assortment

Our solutions integrate POS data, market data, shopper data and basket data at every store cluster level providing an instant view of productivity and necessity of each item in a retailer’s assortment.

Planogram Assortment Optimization
Wasted working capital no more!
Our velocity grouping methodology takes a proprietary matrix approach to identify your best items and classifies them to be protected or gain greater penetration in your store base. At the same time your worst items, those you should discontinue, are also noted. Best of all, we even integrate profitability metrics into our velocity grouping, ensuring you have all the knowledge you need about each sku in a single point of reference. Retailers we have worked with have reduced assortment by as much as 10% while significantly growing their sales due improved shelf capacity and improved assortment perception by the consumer. Stop wasting your critical working capital on unproductive inventory.
What’s in it for you?
  • Point and click interface produces results for each sku in a category in seconds.
  • Customizable to your business. We will integrate your POS and your T-Log data into one single ranking for every sku.
  • Significantly improve inventory turns, and reduce wasted working capital invested in underperforming categories.
  • Resulting decisions to list or delist from our velocity grouping methodology can be automatically transmitted to the planogram process to ensure perfect execution at store.
Smart Assortment Recommendations
There’s not a retailer in business today who hasn’t thought about assortment strategy, and how to create greater allure to their customers. Too often it is felt that adding more assortment creates broader appeal to the customer base, but studies suggest the exact opposite. Even in full line product oriented retailers, too much assortment can be confusing, and create an illusion of less assortment. Sometimes less is more.