Category Review

ToolBox Solutions offers products that are geared towards addressing one of the most important facets of managing your business, the Category Review process. With our help you will be able to produce automated and standardized category reviews at the click of a button, meaning more time for analysis, and less time gathering data. By integrating data such as POS, syndicated, panel and merchandising sources actionable insights are at the user’s fingertips.

Insights at your fingertips!

Get insights that will help you understand the performance of your categories and provide valid and sound recommendations to drive your business forward. Retail Insights at your finger tips
The Simple Path to Better Reviews
Everyone knows that performing regular and extensive category reviews are vital to the health of the business. However, performing them can be cumbersome, time consuming and lead to inconsistent results. ToolBox Solutions can strip away the complexity from the process and present users with clear and consistent category reviews. Insights that come from data that used to take hours to pull, format and integrate can now be accessed in seconds, and automated insights and callouts will lead to that eureka moment without the need to waste time gathering data.
What’s in it for you?
  • Integration of multiple data sources to track the full spectrum of business performance.
  • Automated insights and callouts for identification of opportunities.
  • Unlimited access. No cost for incremental user accounts.
  • One-click generation of standardized PPT presentations.
Immediately Integrating Insights
The ToolBox Solutions Category Review Tool allows category management professionals to focus on capitalizing opportunities. The intuitive interface allows first-time users to draw insights right away, and the integration of a range allows for perception that is not available from single data sources.