Customer Insights

The 20% of your customers that contribute 80% of your total sales are obviously important to your business. Not only do you have to continue to draw them into your stores, but you can also analyze their behaviour to help improve assortments, pricing and merchandising strategies. ToolBox Solutions can analyze your best customer’s behaviour over time to build an efficient assortment matrix that will integrate sales data to build the assortment that is most efficient, and most appealing to consumers.

Know your customer!

Integrate customer behaviour with sales data to create the best possible assortments, appealing to both casual and heavy shoppers.

Customer Grocery Shopping
Your best Customers, your best insights
The health of your business relies on creating efficient assortments, but how do you ensure that they appeal to your top customers? By tracking importance to your best customers, you can create assortments that not only have your top selling items, but also identify and protect those items that attract your most important customers.
What’s in it for you?
  • Identify those products that are over-indexed in sales by your best customers.
  • Protect items that encourage your most profitable shoppers to enter your stores.
  • Improve assortments by incorporating Best Customer data.
Putting Insights on Shelf
ToolBox Solutions can help integrate your best customer’s behavior with sales data to create the best possible assortments. Identifying those products that are over-indexed on best Customers ensures that these items can be protected, meaning that your assortments will have a broad appeal to both the casual shopper as well as the heavy spender.