Customer Loyalty

ToolBox Solutions offers a wide array of Loyalty and Consumer Insights. Let us help you identify your shoppers and what’s in their basket. Understand which Departments, Categories and SKUs are driving traffic into the store, and define their importance to the total store. Determine what day(s) of the week and time of day the shopper makes purchases and compare to all store purchases. With our Shopper Mission, Penetration and Time of Day analytical modules, you will gain a greater understanding of your consumer.

Basket Analysis

Gain a better understanding of departments, categories and SKUs that are driving traffic into the store.

Customer loyalty anayltics
Who are you? – Understanding the consumer
How do you get the consumer back in the store to purchase more? We’ll help you build business plans that will target the shopper who is worth the most or spends the most. You’ll be able to build marketing plans that will focus on the category, brands or the shopper type that will drive the most traffic into the store. Gain insight into the most important SKU to the business based on the trips/transactions and then be able to maintain stock availability and competitive pricing. By determining the most valuable day and time of the week, you’ll be able to ensure that the delivery and stocking are on schedule in addition to implementing in-store Display activity.
What’s in it for you?
  • Identify your shoppers and how much share they represent of all transactions and sales within the store.
  • Determine the importance of the department to the total store based on the number of trips or transactions.
  • Quantify which segment is important to the consumer within the category.
  • Evaluate the time of day that the brand or segment is purchased by the loyal shopper and how this time compares to the average shopper.
Let us answer the questions you have with our Loyalty and Consumer Insights solution packages. Obtain advice and recommendations from one of our experts and be ready the next time the consumer walks in the store.