ToolBox Demographer matches demographics information to stores producing insights based on consumption demand. With ToolBox Demographer, CPG professionals can understand how demand for a brand changes by demographics and cluster stores based on similar demographics and buying patterns for consumer-centric merchandising. Further, they will be able to prioritize stores for pilot testing and accurately set targets for sales representatives to deliver to. ToolBox Demographer makes demographic information usable by isolating opportunities to improve

Demographics Tools

Our demographic tools can tell you how a demand for a brand changes by demographics, isolating opportunities to improve category performance.

Analyze demographics
ToolBox Demographer brings targeted insight to point-of-sale data
In many cases, the same planogram doesn’t make sense for the whole region based on different demographics and demand across the region. Current sales target methodologies that rely on cases per store unfairly reward and penalize sales representatives. In-store demonstrations and pilot stores can miss opportunity by choosing the wrong stores. ToolBox Demographer can fix these problems by applying its statistical methodology to your banner’s point-of-sale information and store census information.
What’s in it for you?
  • Cluster stores for planogramming using sound methodology to match product to demand.
  • Correctly allocate sales representatives’ targets for volume-based programs for optimal incentives.
  • Ensure a greater return on in-store promotional funds through better store targeting.
  • Fast and intuitive reporting accessible anywhere from the web.