Executive Views

Our goal is to provide simplified insight into your business. Better insight lead to better decisions, ensuring better business results. Our core executive reporting tools such as the Top 300 Report, Top 50 Vendor Sales and Contribution Report, and Store Cluster Report, give busy executives instant insight they need to understand performance at all levels.

Executive Solutions

Understand performance at all levels instantly with our executive reporting solutions.

Executive Solutions and Reporting
Executive Reporting for Retailers, You Don’t Need 5 Guys from Finance to do this Job
You want answers and you want them fast. You also want them brought forward consistently so that you can create focus in the organization for what matters most. Our executive reporting solutions are based on best in class reporting we have built all over North America. We will bring our ideas forward, and we will build a solution for reporting you want. And, because our reporting is built on the friendliest web platform available today, retrieval is easy and instant. Anyone can do this.
What’s in it for you?
  • Point and click interface produces results in seconds.
  • Customizable to your business.
  • Drillable reporting available at a macro or micro level of your business.
  • Key Performance Indicator Report can integrate 15 different data sources into one easy to pull solution to monitor you KPI’s on sales, profit, market share, private label performance, sales per square foot, etc..
The next time you ask your senior merchants or finance people to go on a fact finding mission think ToolBox Solutions first.