Key Performance Indicators

Integrate data from multiple sources and quickly understand how you are performing against your business plan. In one solution you can quickly understand metrics against sales and profit, market share, sales per square foot, private label share and whatever your KPI’s are. Our solution is available 24/7 and is completely scalable for your business.

KPI Solutions

Quickly understand metrics against sales and profit, market share, sales per square foot and any additional KPI’s that are important to you.

Key Performance Indicators
Red light, green light
So how are you doing against all your key objectives? It’s hard to know when tracking against performance requires looking at 10 different reports. Multiply this issue by all associates on your team and it is hard to have organizational alignment on how you are progressing against the business plan.
What’s in it for you?
  • Point and click interface produces results in seconds.
  • Multiple data sources integrated into one solution and scalable to every level of the organization.
  • Red light, green light indicators show you a quick visual on many metrics.
  • Quickly determine where you need to focus your efforts to achieve plan.
KPI report in an easy to use web-based dashboard
Every day, every week, instantly understand your business performance against the Key Performance Indicators most important to you. ToolBox Solutions will customize the KPI report for you and put it in an easy to use web-based dashboard. Available for all levels of the organization and integrated with your financial plan. With information available to every member of the team you will enable your associates to take action against poor performance on a daily basis.