Operational Execution

Our Operational Reporting solutions allow you to quickly identify issues such as distribution gaps on key sellers, store compliance to merchandising direction, and identifying top SKUs within your organization and enable you to address them promptly and efficiently, contributing to your bottom line.

Operational Reporting on and device
How much is poor distribution costing you?
You know you have the right assortment but you’re not certain if it’s executed in all your stores? What is the potential of making certain those items are everywhere that they are supposed to be? With ToolBox web-based applications you can find every missing distribution point, what it is worth and build an action plan to address the issue. We will show you how this gap rolls up by category or by region/banner/cluster. This gap is costing retailers a lot of money every day. With our solution you can quantify the issue and pinpoint the areas to target for resolution, in less than 30 seconds, chain wide.
What’s in it for you?
  • Point and click interface produces results in seconds.
  • Build sales by ensuring the right product is where you need it to be.
  • Easily create action plans for all issues and track the results on your website.
  • Customizable to your definition of minimum acceptable distribution levels.
Get the most out of your assortment plan
There’s not a retailer in business today who isn’t concerned about getting the most return out of their assortment plan. Just think of the potential dollars that will head straight to your bottom line by addressing these issues quickly.