Seasonal Inventory Management

Seasonal sales patterns do not change year after year. That is why we build reporting tools that accurately monitor your performance in any seasonal category using multiple years of history. These tools will instantly let you know which stores are not executing against the setup, what items are performing poorly and need action to improve sales, and which items will you need to ship to stores or order more.

Monitor Seasonal Inventory

Our Seasonal Reporting will accurately monitor your performance in any seasonal category, preventing excess inventory in some stores and lack of inventory in others.

Seasonal Reporting
Maximize sales and profit and reduce inventory excess
Have you shipped to all stores but some are not selling? They likely haven’t set up yet. Do you have excess inventory in some stores, but not enough in other stores? You’ll want to balance future shipments. Do you have too much on order? Knowing earlier means you are more likely able to cancel shipments. Do you need to order more or ship more to some stores? Knowing which items, where they are missing, and when they need to be shipped is the challenge. Not having a solution for all these common issues means loss of sales and profitability. Our solutions will guide you and answer your questions, preventing excess inventory in some stores and lack of inventory in others.
What’s in it for you?
  • Point and click interface produces results in seconds.
  • Customizable to your product hierarchy, your regions, stores and DCs.
  • Easily create markdown plans for all excess inventories and track the results on our website.
  • Maximize sales by monitoring every opportunity on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Eliminate seasonal leftovers.
  • Optimize profit by ensuring only the needed markdowns are taken.
  • Executive summaries included, with detail by item down to each buyer.
Sales management and profit optimization
ToolBox Solutions will create a web-based dashboard for you providing instant reporting for each buyer that answers important questions like, who is not executing setup? Where to ship more/less? What markdowns are needed? Where to order more/less? At the same time we will provide executive level reporting summarizing all the activity and progress on seasonal businesses. Your results are sure to improve.