Shelf Optimization

Our space management tools allow retailers to make the best use of their valuable retail selling space. Hosted by an easy to use, web-based application, our solution allows you to make the best use of your space in a matter of minutes. We analyze numerous variables in thousands of stores, to ensure your next renovation or new store is optimized and efficient, guaranteeing you more sales, and more profit.

Optimize your category!

Understand your linear space for every category in each store right down to the last foot!

retail space optimization
What is the best allocation of my finite shelf linear?
There are a lot of competing strategies when it comes to linear feet allotments for each category in a store. How do you know you have made the most fact based allocation? How do you know that you will maximize sales and profitability? Our solution measures your most productive stores at sub-category level, and using stores with similar attributes such as size and demographic, we lay out an individual store plan in linear feet for every category. As with all our solutions, you are a few short clicks of mouse away from building the best layout plans you have ever considered.
What’s in it for you?
  • Point and click interface produces results in seconds.
  • Compare peer stores using up to one dozen attributes, ensuring you are comparing the best facts.
  • Significantly improve inventory turns, and reduce wasted working capital invested in underperforming categories.
  • Build sales by having the correct holding power for each category (less out of stocks = happier customers).