Store Optimization

Our Space Optimization Tools allow retailers to make the best use of their valuable retail selling space. Hosted by an easy to use, web-based application, our space management solution allows you to make the best use of your space in a matter of minutes. We analyze numerous variables in thousands of stores, to ensure your next renovation or new store is optimized and efficient, guaranteeing you more sales, and more profit.

Optimize your store!

Our Space and Aisle Optimization tools allow retailers to make more efficient use of their retail selling space; in minutes you’ll know how to build a new store that will generate more profit.

Retail Store Planogram Services
Use our store optimization tool and make your next renovation/new store a smashing hit
Have you ever renovated or built a new store and the amount of space granted to certain departments made you scratch your head? The truth is, a lot of decisions around space optimization in many retail stores often ignore data and facts. At ToolBox, we will break down your data, analyze your most productive assortments, and examine your most productive space. The ToolBox Solutions Space Optimizer will draw out a color coded map of your store, indicating unproductive areas compared to the most productive stores in the benchmark group. Instantly you will know which departments need to lose or gain space.
What’s in it for you?
  • Point and click interface that produces results in seconds.
  • Compare peer stores using up to one dozen attributes, ensuring you compare the best facts.
  • Significantly improve inventory turns.
  • Reduce wasted working capital invested in underperforming departments.