Supply Chain Management

Using standardized definitions of aged inventory, this solution can identify individual skus or sub-categories that are in excess on a weekly basis. Easily rolled up to buyer or category manager, this solution creates focus in the organization against the most critical aged inventory in order to gain support for clearance, either through markdowns or warehouse distributions.

Inventory Warehosue

How Aged is Your Inventory?

Our applications will show you every sku that is aged, how it rolls up by Category and will rank your categories on a weekly basis.
Another critical factor in avoiding wasted working capital
So you think you may have some excess inventory, but you’re not 100% sure? You think you may have some dead inventory but you aren’t sure of that either? Worse, you have no roll up to see who is carrying the most excess inventory, and you have no incentive in place for them to want to clear their excess? With ToolBox Solutions web-based applications we will show you every single sku that is aged, we will show you how that rolls up by category, and we will rank your categories from worst excess to most efficient. Only once you understand are you able to properly deal with it. Most retailers have excess, with our solution you could know your excess down to the dollar and be able to summarize it in less than 30 seconds, chain wide.
What’s in it for you?
  • Point and click interface produces results in seconds.
  • Customizable to your definitions of excess/aged inventory.
  • Easily create action plans for all excess and track the results on our website.
  • Executive summaries included, with detail by item down to each buyer.
Free up valuable warehouse and store space
By staying on top of your excess inventory on a weekly basis you will be amazed at how quickly you free up hard to come by warehouse slots and store backrooms. Just think of all the additional retail outlets you could build if you freed up millions of dollars tied up in aged inventory.